CC: She looks yummy!

Damn you D. Cord Travel Agency! Damn you!!

Though, I was the one who created this place. so I guess I was the start of it.

Does Discorded Celestia being back mean she will be on her again? :D

hellye it does~


I’m got 15 points in hug masterly 

CC: The plushie…it speaks to meeee~

is discord celestia gonna keep doing this blog even if her other one is closed?

well no, I personally won’t be active on this blog. it might be that some of the other mods want to draw DisC in the background though, so maybe there might be a chance you still see her!


Celestial Celestial Celestial Celestial I NEEED U HELP

With what my dear?

Hello I am generalflippy the Egyptian king vampire batcat

uh ok then..